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What sets our personal injury firm apart?

We are dedicated to treating clients as individuals and realize that no two cases are identical. We balance compassion and empathy with knowing when to be firm and aggressive.

  • Contingent fees
  • Experience in the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court and Montana Supreme Court
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The Difference

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At Hughes Law, PLLC, you'll be working with an attorney who can handle all aspects of your injury claim. We will work with medical providers and insurers to get your bills paid, investigate the cause of your accident and research creative theories of liability to get you the compensation you deserve. Litigation isn't the only method of resolution, but, we have a proven history of taking numerous cases through multi-day trials when the case requires. We also bring unique experience to the table, having practiced as a civil and criminal defense attorney, as well as handling a wide variety of cases. Our experience on the other side of injury cases enables us to employ significant insights in your case, including unseen factors that determine how the defense is handling your case and the strategies we will be facing.

We have the dedication and legal proficiency you need after an accident. Your case can expire, so don't wait to take the first step! We will be ready to take swift legal action.

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If you have been in an accident, the stress of unpaid medical bills and lost wages compounds the pain you are already suffering. When you're looking for a place to start, turn to a law firm that understands that if you are looking for an attorney, you are looking for peace of mind. You need an attorney who is compassionate towards your situation, as well as assertive and knowledgeable about how to fight for you. That's the attorney you'll find at Hughes Law, PLLC.

Contact us for a free case review from a versatile personal injury and litigation attorney. We have obtained favorable settlements and taken many cases to trial. We don't believe that litigation is the only answer, but, we are not intimidated to head to court. Whatever your case needs, we are prepared to achieve a fair resolution and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need.